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Looking after a family member or friend?

Over 1 million people provide unpaid care for adult family members and friends in British Columbia. Family caregivers are a vital part of the health care team, and they need help too.

Team members at Family Caregivers of BC bring diverse backgrounds and skills, as well as a passion for advancing our mission to improve the quality of life for family caregivers. Every one of us has a connection to caregiving in our personal or professional lives that we feel is paramount to understanding caregivers’ needs.

According to Statistics Canada, family caregivers in BC represent 28 per cent of our population. The majority are women and 60 per cent are employed. A family caregiver’s role spans an average of six years with 89 percent of caregivers caring for over a year. For every hour of paid care being received, family caregivers are doing 10 hours of unpaid care.  Despite the enormous number, their compassion and commitment largely go unacknowledged and unsupported.

Family Caregivers of BC has compiled a list of resources to help you in your caregiver journey. Go to this link to find out more:

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